Monday, January 24, 2011

8:20 mile!

My blistering pace continues to be, well, not quite blistering.  It more like a persistent itch, or maybe the beginning of a rash.  Either way, 8:20 is my fastest so far!  I did three mile repeats today and that one clocked in at the most...itchy.

A couple of days ago I ordered a different hands-free leash.  The previous one was fine but not quite padded enough for the occasional moments when Alice pulls ahead.  And, given that it was missing a price and the great folks at Appalachian Outfitters gave it to me $15, I didn't feel too bad about shelling out for a cushier one.  Not to mention, it's called a Mt. Tam Leash and Belt.  And I sometimes miss California.  I am a sucker for marketing.

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