Sunday, January 30, 2011

Number 9, number 9, number 9...

Today I headed into Clemson to run the actual race course for my long run -- here's a link to what I did (Just about.  I veered left instead of right at the end so I landed up doing 9 instead of 10 miles, no biggie, I was scheduled to do 9.5 today.)  The beginning of the course was hilly in that gradual build dammit-why-won't-this-thing-end way.  And around mile 3 the vitamins I took that morning started to turn my stomach.  That lasted for two miles.  Whole Foods, you make good vitamins but man are they not happy when being jostled around.  After 6 miles, I got to the really beautiful part of the run -- the dike on Lake Hartwell.  I had never been up there before and, with it being around 65 and sunny, it was gorgeous.  And flat!  And soft and grassy, which was actually kind of weird and a little uneven to run on.  Even if it was better for my legs.  Here's someone else's view:

It really took my mind off the run and I loved looking around -- Maddy and Alice would love it up here, so I think we'll take them back some time.  I spent about 3 miles on the dike and then headed back past the golf course and to the Brooks Center, where I finished!  I went in to say hello to Woody and steal some water from the green room. 

I just checked my pace for the run and I ran 10:31 miles!  Woohoo!  That is 30 seconds better than my usual pace.  I feel pretty good right now but that will probably change this evening when my body realizes it ran 9 miles today...

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