Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Puppy pedi

I took Alice to the vet today for a running check up -- he took a look at her paws and said it looks like she is doing great keeping me company on jaunts!  I've been using some pet salve on her paw pads to keep them nice and supple.  The stuff smells great so I don't even mind when she jumps up on the bed after we smear it on her. 

The vet told me 3-5 miles is a drop in the bucket for Alice (wish it was the same for me...) so I am thinking of taking her along for some 6-8-mile runs to see how she does.  After the checkup I took her up to the dikes to get our 30 minutes for the day in.  She had a great time!  It was muddy so we both finished the run looking good and grimy.

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