Friday, April 8, 2011

Glad this didn't happen before the half marathon!

So Alice and I headed out on our first outdoor post-half marathon run today -- it was sunny, warm (bordering on hot), there lots of friendly folk out, it was nice.  On the way back from our short run a dog bolted to the edge of its yard and spooked poor Alice, I tumbled over her and this is what it looked like.  Ouch.

Luckily a state trooper was passing by and asked if we needed help.  Maybe because I was standing there with blood running down my leg.  He gave us a ride home and told me he had seen us running before.  I told him to wave next time and to feel free to give us a ride home...even if I'm not injured.  The neighborhood gossip that me getting out of the back of a cop car has inspired, I can't imagine...  Two sweet/nosy neighbors have already been over.

I just compared my bloody knee from December with my bloody knees now and -- score! -- I have improved in that as well!  Wow, I went from one mildly ripped up knee to a complete set of bloodiness!  All the training in rolling around in gravel/ falling in catastrophic ways paid off!  PR, folks!  PR!!!!

December 2010 -- totally understated
April 2011 -- I went HOUSE
on these knees!

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