Monday, April 25, 2011


Today's run was set to be 8 miles but I had to cut it short at 6.5 because I got rip roaring my bladder.  I tried out my very neat new Amphipod handheld water bottle and decided that gripping a container of sloshing liquid/drinking that liquid in an attempt to make the bottle lighter and/or stop the sloshing is a bad idea.  Given, it was 95% humidity at 7 a.m. today, but I didn't need to guzzle my water like this:

It would have been much better to sip it in a more refined manner, like this:

I plan to hydrate in this fashion when I attend the Royal Wedding next weekend.  Note the refined pinky daintily extended.  I also plan to call my dirty sweaty bandana my church hat.  Oh how impressed the Queen will be...

My pace today was the fastest I've done this distance but I think I went out too fast, or the water bottle was a pain in the arse, or the humidity got to me.  It was not a comfortable run, it was mostly sticky and clunky.  Back to the water belt for the longer ones.

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