Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here we go...

I was given two options, train for a half marathon/5k to run with Rachel or stand with Woody on the sidelines, eat pastries and laugh at Rachel while she ran it.  After much soul searcher and deliberation, I made one of the most difficult decisions in my life. I'm going to RUN! 

WHATTTTTTT!!!!???? I have never passed up the option to eat pastries and laugh at my sister or laugh with her while eating pastries... either way its glorious. (Memories of my sister and I eating a lemon meringue pie off the floor as I sit here typing... Rachel, you know what I'm talking about!!!) 

Rachel thought of a wonderful way to keep us motivated and track our progress... this Blog!  Some may wonder why its called "Oh no lets go!"... well its inspired by Princes, "Lets go Crazy".  One of the best songs of alllll time... (ok maybe not, but its damn good!).   Rachel and I used drive my mom and family crazy by blasting the song and dancing around the WHOLE house... oh the good times... we will have to do this in your new home Rachel... prep Woody for the madness...

So, that's it for now from me... the kid sis in training.  I am very excited to be doing this with my sister and very thankful she proposed this idea.  I'm looking forward to running AND eating some delicious pastries too... (after the run of course... its ON!!!).  :)

My new RUNNING shoes... and Poe enjoying the shoe box... its a win/win! :)

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