Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our strict training diet

Here you can see Mary and I early in our high meringue - low protein diet routine.  This fluffy and sweet diet has allowed us to do impressive things like squat to eat and disregard all hygienic standards.  Strict portion control is important as well -- only one half a lemon meringue pie PER ATHLETE.  No more.  Now that our bodies are in tip top shape, we are ready to train for our April race!

Mary and I have always been active.  I wish I could turn up a pic of Mary in her field hockey uniform (Mary, ante up!).  Me, I have been galumphing around tracks since high school.  In general I try to wear distracting outfits like this one so people don't notice that I'm supposed to be running.

All those string hanging off my shirt sadly added precious seconds to my record breaking mile time.  My good friend in the history dept attempted to sail her way through the race with a cardboard kite.  Her Ben Franklin get up made a lot more sense to folks than my Frida Kahlo one.  As for the grad student in the middle?  He hasn't spent sufficient time in archives and libraries to think either of these outfits are fun.  Just wait mister...soon you too will be dorks like us...if you're lucky.

I am very glad to have my sis along for the ride...and to have my husband on the sidelines with pastries every mile or so.

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