Saturday, December 25, 2010

Two reasons I may not be running tomorrow


 In her excitement to get in the back door after our last run Alice yanked me up the back stairs, I tripped and fell and busted my knee on our not-at-all-springy concrete steps.  As of day 2, the knee is turning all sorts of holiday yellow and green.


We have SNOW!  On Christmas!  The weather folks on tv were salivating over this possibility for no less than a week straight (we just witnessed the last 3 days of coverage because we were hanging out with folks who watch the weather).  We learned that a "White Christmas" occurs only when there is more than 1 inch of snow.  Who came up with this arbitrary rule, we don't know.  But if there is 7/8 inch of snow I suppose it is a Soggy Christmas or Wintery Mix Christmas.  This is why I'm not the one dancing in front of the green screen talking about fronts and low pressure systems...

It truly sucks that my knee is a bit busted up.  I am hoping to run on it tomorrow or the day after.  Remember when we used to bust our knees all the time and get up and keep playing?  Wow that feels like it was so long ago.  Oh wait, it was.

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